A Little Step Closer

The transfer held in at the Gordonvale RSL on the 20th June was officially handed back to the Dulabed, Malanbarra and Yidinji Aboriginal Corporation (RNTBC) who celebrated the receipt of title deeds under the Aboriginal Land Act 1991 and 1994 for the transfer of lands in the Goldsborough Valley, just outside of Cairns.

Included in the transfer are six parcels of land in the Goldsborough Valley, totalling 6,637 hectares and brings about new possibilities in caring for country with sustainable develop and growth of opportunities for the youth of the Dulabed Malanbarra Yidinji.

Dulabed, Malanbarra and Yidinji Aboriginal Corporation, Alison Halliday spoke to Message Stick about all the possibilities that obtain the deeds to country means to her and her mob.

“Now we have freehold over these parcels of land our future generations will have this forever more, and it’s important that we continue to look after this country but also take little steps towards bringing opportunities for our younger generations.

“Land and sustainable economic development can live hand in hand and this can open up many possibilities for us all.

“It’s a matter for us to consult with other stakeholders on how best we can all move forward.”

Chief Executive Officer of NQLC, Ian Kuch paid tribute to the Dulabed Malanbarra Yidinji and emphasised the important role that the PBC will play into the future for managment of Country and will actively playing an important roll in the future the this transfer holds.

Ian, also thanked the many people that have been invloved over the years with the NQLC and the Dulabed Malanbarra Yidinji in actively moving Native Title matters forward.

In a tribute to the day and her mob, Lorraine Muckan Burrijur resighted her poem ‘Longing for my Country. my Country Longing for me’ which can be read on the page of Message Stick.