NQLC Ward Elections - 16 September 2017

August 04, 2017 at 8:00 AM

It is that time again when you get to have your say on who you believe should sit on the Board of the North Queensland Land Council.

The 2017 Ward Elections are set for: Saturday 16 September within each of the nine (9) wards. Venues for each of the ward elections are currently being organised and details will be communicated as soon as they are finalised.

About the Ward Elections

In order for each area of the NQLC footprint to be equally represented within the Board of Directors, the areas were broken up into nine (9) representative wards: Cairns; Charters Towers/Hughenden; Innisfail; Mackay/Proserpine; Mount Garnet; Tablelands; Townsville; Tully/Palm Island and Yarrabah. Based on the approximate percentage of members within each ward area, there is (1) representative in all wards except for Cairns, Atherton and Yarrabah which have two (2) representatives.
Ward elections run in the fourth quarter of every second year. For a ward election to commence there must be a quorum of either 20 people or 20% of the ward’s members, whichever is the largest. If the quorum is not met then the election is automatically postponed until the following week, whereby a quorum is no longer required.

On the day of the election:

The returning director or a nominated staff member will state the number of directors to be elected, will read out the disqualification rules and call for nominations for director.
For a nomination to be counted, it should be seconded by another member other than the person nominated and the person nominated must accept the nomination.
Nominated members will then need to sign a Consent to Act as Director Form, giving their consent and declaring they are not disqualified.
If more than one person is nominated, a secret ballot will determine who will be elected based on the majority of votes received. If there is only one person nominated, they will be elected unopposed.
The successful candidate/s become Board Members at the close of the next Annual General Meeting following the election. The elected term expires at the second Annual General Meeting after that which is approximately two (2) years. 

Thinking of running for Director?

All eligable members are welcome to run as a Director within their Ward. To find out more, download our brochure on What it Means to be an NQLC Director.