NQLC Rule Book

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Members are advised the NQLC Rule Book has been reviewed and amended by the board.

As part of the consultation process, representatives will be visiting your ward in the coming months to discuss the amendments and any additional changes (as required) – prior to the 2024 AGM.

NQLC Rule Book was reviewed with the assistance of the CEO, Executive Management and consultant Grant Thornton and modernised in line with CATSI Act.

The consultation process will involve the Chairperson, Angie Akee, the ward representative and a staff member.

A notice containing meeting venue and time will be circulated to members prior to visits to your ward area. 

We hope to engage members on the current Rulebook and to seek input on proposed changes or other change considerations.

We aim to visit each ward at least once and the major centres up to 3 times.

This is a member only activity. New memberships are welcome – to become a member before the consultation process comes to your area, readers can find a membership form  here.


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