North Queensland Land Council

The North Queensland Land Council (NQLC),originally established in 1994, is a recognised Native Title Representative Body (NTRB) under section 203AD of the Native Title Act 1993.

NQLC is an organisation appointed by the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA), to assist Aboriginal people with all aspects of their native title claims. We represent native title holders and claimants in native title related proceedings including: native title claims, appearing in court on behalf of native title claimants, responding to ‘future act’ applications (for example, proposed mining on native title land or land subject to a registered native title claim), and negotiations for Indigenous Land Use Agreements.

Our values

Cultural sensitivity, including the respect for traditional lore and customs of native title groups.

Quality, professional service in accordance with the functions identified in the NTA.

Fair, transparent, accountable, responsible and just operations and processes.

Leadership and excellence in corporate governance practice.

Honesty, professionalism and accountability to traditional owners in the delivery of our services.

Optimum distribution of resources to achieve native title and other outcomes.

Maximum participation of, and collaboration with traditional owners and other stakeholders in native title processes.

Responsiveness to the changing operating environment of NTRBs.

Maintenance of a harmonious and productive workplace conducive to the achievement of native title and other outcomes.

Encouragement and promotion of employment, training and professional development of Aboriginal people within the region.

Statutory Functions

As a recognised native title representative body, the NQLC has
the following statutory functions under the Native Title Act 1993:

Facilitation and






Our Purpose

Our purpose is to assist Aboriginal people in the NQLC region to maximise recognition of native title rights and interests, and the benefits that flow from native title outcomes; to ensure that native title rights and interests are protected and maintained; and economic development opportunities are pursued.

Representative Area

NQLC has a representative area of approximately 943,300km2 across North Queensland, with approximately 411,164 km2 of this being land. Our boundary extends from the Daintree to 4km north west of the Bloomfield Rivers in the east; to just south-east of Ilbilbie and just west of Haydon; and east to include the waters that are within the Exclusive Economic Zone of Australia.

Local government authorities within the NQLC footprint include the following: Bowen Shire Council, Burdekin Shire Council, Cairns Regional Council, Cassowary Coast Regional Council, Charters Towers Regional Council, Croydon Shire Council, Etheridge Shire Council, Flinders Shire Council, Hinchinbrook Shire Council, Isaac Regional Council, Mackay Regional Council, McKinlay Shire Council, Palm Island Aboriginal Shire Council, Richmond Shire Council, Tablelands Regional Council, Townsville City Council and Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council.

For more information on the services offered by NQLC, please see our Services page.

Map of NQLC’s native title representative area.