Membership of NQLC

Under the NQLC Rules:

  1. The membership of the Corporation shall be open to all adult Aboriginal persons:
  • who identify as an Aboriginal, or;
  • who is accepted in the community as such, and

is normally and permanently resident in the “Area” of the Corporation as defined within the interpretation of these Rules.

  1. The membership of the Corporation shall be open to all adult Aboriginal persons who are members of a Traditional Language or Clan Group within the “Area” of the Corporation. 

(To apply for membership you need to complete an application form and return to the NQLC Cairns Office.  Membership applications are considered by the Board at the next most convenient Board meeting).


Membership Form

Please note that under the NQLC Rules each member is responsible for keeping the NQLC informed of any change of address or contact details.  The Ward which you are eligible to vote or stand in for election (to represent your region) will be determined in accordance to the address we have for you on the NQLC Membership Role.

Please note under the CATSI Act we are required to forward to ORIC a copy of the NQLC Membership Role at least once per year.  ORIC publishes on its website the names and address of the NQLC members.  If you have any concerns about your name address being published you should speak to one of the NQLC Legal Officers.

Has your address or contact details changed? If so complete the Change of Address Form and return it to Head Office.

Change of Address Form