Gulngay Native Title Consent Determination

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Congratulations are in order for the People of Gulngay Country. On Thursday 4thof April 2019 the Federal Court of Australia determined that almost 37,000ha of land and waters in and around Tully was and is, the traditional country of the Gulngay People.

The native title consent determination recognised 2,000ha of exclusive and 35,000ha of non-exclusive native title rights and interests to the Gulngay People.

The Federal Court Hearing took place on country at the Tully Country Club and was heard by Justice Robertson. There were approximately 120 people in attendance which consisted of not only the Gulngay People, but also people from neighbouring countries: Girramay, Mamu, Djiru and Nywaigi. For a small group, to see such a huge amount of support from neighbouring countries cements the history and stories between theRainforest People.

Congratulations to the Gulngay People and NQLC staff Cheryl Thomson, Kara Dunn, Laura Burton and Marty Darr for their great work on this matter.

Look out for the July edition of Message Stick for the full article.

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