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At the NQLC Board Meeting held on 29 July 2020, NQLC Directors resolved to elect a co-chair.

As the NQLC progresses with its corporate and governance restructure and the workload intensifies, a co-chairing system allows for a more efficient and manageable work load.

Joining our current Chair, Ms Angie Akee, is former Deputy Chair, Ms Vana O’Shane. Ms Akee and Ms O’Shane will now co-chair the NQLC, with the remaining executive committee unchanged.

Position Name Representative Ward
Co-Chair Ms. Angie Akee Townsville/Ayr
Co-Chair Ms. Vana O’Shane Cairns
Treasurer Ms. Tracey Heenan Tablelands
Correspondence Secretary Mr. Gary Mooney Mackay/Proserpine
Director Mr. Terry O’Shane Cairns
Director Ms. Patricia Dallachy Hughenden/Charters Towers
Director Mr. Danny Hooligan Mount Garnett
Director Mr. Victor Maund Innisfail
Director Mr. Brad Grogan Tableland
Director Mr. Sam Backo Tully
Director Mr. Arthur Clumpoint Palm Island
Director Mr. Errol Neal Yarrabah


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