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The North Queensland Land Council (NQLC) will hold an authorisation meeting on Thursday, 4 April 2024 to which all members of the Jirrbal People #4 native title claim group (as described below) are invited to attend. This is an important meeting where binding decisions about the Jirrbal People #4 native title claim are proposed to be made.

Map of Jirrbal People #4 Claim Area & Part A Determination Area


Date: Thursday, 4 April 2024
Time: 9:30 to 4:00pm
Venue: Atherton International Club, 60 Kennedy Hwy, Atherton



The purpose of this meeting is to consider, and if appropriate, make decisions about the following:

1. CONFIRM the agreed and adopted decision making process to be used for making decisions at the meeting.

2. CONFIRM that the amended Jirrbal People #4claim group description (as authorised by two group meetings on 6 December 2022) is to be used in the Jirrbal People #4 claimant application for a determination of native title (Form 1), and that the Form 1 should be amended accordingly so that the claim group description in the Form 1 aligns with the description of the Jirrbal People Native Title Holders for the proposed Part A determination.

3. CONFIRM that the conditions on the authority of the Applicant, previously authorised in 2015, remain in effect.

4. AUTHORISE a draft agreement under s.87A of the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth) (s.87A agreement) which agreement contains the proposed consent determination of native title for the Part A area (Part A determination). Please note that the drafts. 87A agreement will be tabled at the meeting.

5. AUTHORISE the nomination of the Wabubadda Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC (ICN 7117) to be the agent prescribed body corporate for the Part A determination.


All members of the Jirrbal People #4 claim group as described below are eligible and invited to attend this meeting. The Jirrbal People #4 claim group is comprised of those Aboriginal persons who are descended (which may include descent by adoption) from one or more of the following apical ancestors (listed alphabetically):
1. Betty (aka Biddy) Gordon
2. Bonnel Logan and Jinnie
3. Bulbulyarraman Willie Mango or his wives Nellie and Calida
4. Charlie (Jurabagle) Woods
5. Chloe McKenzie/Cameron
6. Dubula Lorna Lawrence (nee Robinson)
7. Ethel Perrott
8. Harry Maloon
9. Jack (Deinjo) Watson/Major
10. Jack Robinson
11. Jerry Linedale or Maggie
12. Jimmy Darcy or his wives Polly and Lassie Darcy
13. Jimmy Murray (aka Jimmy Minegan) or his wives Jinnie (aka Jay Minigan) and Misashay (aka Maryanne)
14. Joe Robinson or Eva Robinson
15. Katie Cameron
16. King Jimmy Robertson/Robinson (aka Jimmy King) or his wives Kitty Robertson or Polly Malone
17. King Sandy Maynard or his wife Annie Thomas
18. Linda Duffin (aka Linda McGuire)
19. Lizzie Palmer, Maggie Cross or Mary Todd
20. Lucy Gordon/Lifu
21. Minnie Silent
22. Murrigami (aka Jim Clarke)
23. Murriguemie
24. Nellie Deagon
25. Nellie Googoonburra
26. Nellie Keough/James, Merti/Bertie or Peter
27. Nellie Williams
28. Polly Hull
29. Polly Robinson (1) (aka Polly Ingham) or her husband Mick Robinson
30. Polly Robson
31. Romeo Robson (aka Robinson) or his wife Topsy
32. Rosie Congoo
33. Sam Boyd
34. Toby and Polly
35. Tommy Gardiner (aka Tommy Anderson)
36. Tommy Herberton’s siblings
37. Tommy Toombs or his wife Polly
38. Una Woodleigh
39. Wanmal and Yugibidjal
40. Youall Biddy-Robinson or her husband Tommy Herberton
41. Youall Biddy-Robinson’s siblings

If you have any questions about whether you are a member of the Jirrbal People #4 claim group as described above, please contact NQLC and ask to speak with anthropologist Kara Dunn by telephone on (07) 4042 7000 or Free call 1800 814 779 or send an email to


To confirm your interest in attending this meeting, or to enquire about travel assistance please contact Cherona Walker at NQLC on Free call 1800 814 779 or (07) 4042 7000 or by no later than 5pm Friday, 22 March 2024. Please note that there is limited funding available and any requests for travel assistance after this date will not be approved. All approvals for travel assistance are subject to NQLC policy.

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