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Are you a talented artist and also an NQLC Member?

We are excited to share that the NQLC Board has endorsed a brand refresh and has instructed the CEO to initiate a competition for the redesign of our logo. The NQLC Logo Design Competition provides members of the North Queensland Land Council (NQLC) with a platform to showcase their creative talents and design skills. This competition is an opportunity to craft a new logo that captures the essence of our organisation, reflects our core activities, and represents our regional footprint. Additionally, elements from the winning designs will be incorporated into our uniforms and website as part of the brand refresh.

Competition Guidelines:


The competition is open to all current NQLC members, including individuals and groups. Not a member? Click here to join.


The logo design should reflect the following aspects:

  • WHO WE ARE: Embody the vision and values of the NQLC, representing our commitment to the preservation, protection and promotion of the recognition of native title.
  • WHAT WE DO: Symbolise our core activities of the NQLC, such as native title claims, future acts, agreement negotiations and economic development. 
  • WHO WE REPRESENT: Align with the rich cultural diversity evident in our Indigenous communities within NQLC’s region. Our region extends from the Daintree to 4km northwest of the Bloomfield Rivers in the east; to just south-east of Ilbilbie and just west of Haydon; and east to include the waters that are within the Exclusive Economic Zone of Australia. It is a region that encompasses the rich culture of Freshwater People, Saltwater People and Rainforest People.


  • The logo should be original, visually appealing, and easily recognisable.
  • Colours: It is recommended (but not limited) to use a maximum of four colors.
  • Formats: Submit the logo design in a high-resolution digital format (e.g., PNG, JPEG, or vector file) or painted submissions are also accepted (for painted submissions ensure the longest edge does not exceed 30cm).


  • Deadline: All entries must be submitted by the close of Sunday, 30 JUNE 2024 via email to ceo@nqlc.com.au or posted to PO Box 679 Cairns North Qld 4870. Paintings can also be dropped into reception at our Cairns office located at 61 Anderson Street, Manunda 4870. 
  • Please include a description explaining the inspiration and symbolism behind your logo design.


  • Originality: Innovative and unique concept.
  • Relevance: The logo effectively represents the NQLC’s identity, purpose, and the diverse communities it serves.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Visual attractiveness, clarity, and professionalism.
  • Versatility: The logo can be easily applied across different mediums and sizes.
  • Impact: The logo leaves a lasting impression and has the potential to become an iconic symbol for the NQLC.


  • A panel of judges, including NQLC’s Board of Directors and CEO, will evaluate the entries.
  • Only submissions by NQLC Members will be considered.
  • Our goal is to select a winner from each of our 10 regions; however, this depends on whether entries have been received from each region.


The winning entry(ies) will receive a $1000 cash prize.


We look forward to seeing your creative interpretations of the NQLC’s identity and purpose. Good luck to all participants! Together, let’s create a symbol that embodies NQLC as an Aboriginal Corporation proudly working for the Traditional Owners of our region.

IMPORTANT: By submitting an entry, participants understand that, if their design is chosen, they agree to transfer ownership of the logo design to the NQLC. This grants the organisation exclusive rights to use and modify the design for any purpose related to its activities.

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